Mark L. Newman, Attorney At Law

What to Do if You Are Hurt at Work

October, 2013 By: Mark L. Newman, Cincinnati Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Here are a few things you should do if you are hurt at work to reduce the chances that your employer will contest your claim.

1. Immediately notify a supervisor or manager that you were injured and explain how the injury occurred.

2. Complete a written Accident Report.

3. Get medical treatment immediately and tell the doctor that you were hurt at work and explain how the injury occurred.

4. File a First Report of Injury with the Managed Care Organization or Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

It is important to take these steps even if you think the injury is minor and will not require ongoing medical treatment. Following these simple steps will increase the chances that your employer will approve your claim.

A few important disability benefit terms:

Permanent total disability (PTD):
If your work injury has caused a permanent disability that prevents you from working in any capacity, you may be entitled to lifetime PTD benefits. When you apply for PTD, you must attend a medical examination and a hearing to determine your eligibility. The Industrial Commission has a very high standard of review on these claims, and the majority of claims are denied.

Permanent partial disability (PPD):
If you have suffered an injury that will permanently affect your use of one or more body parts, you are entitled to a permanent partial disability award. Nearly every injured worker qualifies for a PPD award, but the Bureau of Workers' Compensation will not automatically pay this award.

Scheduled loss awards:
If you have an amputation or have lost full motion of a limb as a result of your work injury, our firm can help you pursue a scheduled loss award.