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Probate Administration

Location: San Diego, CA 92130
Posted: Mon. Jul 24
Weiner Law sees numerous clients who unfortunately have lost a loved one and are navigating the challenging legal process that follows, including probate administration. Adding a court proceeding on top of grief can be devastating, but our skilled and compassionate attorneys strive to make the process easier on you. If you have lost a loved one and are now having to navigate the probate court process, we are here to help.

What Is Probate?
Probate is the court-supervised process in which a person’s property is distributed and their estate is settled after the person has passed. The process also involves the appointment of an executor or personal representative who will manage the process and distribute the property as set out in the will if there is one. If the decedent does not leave a will, their property is distributed in accordance with the California laws of intestate succession. During this process, the court assesses the decedent’s assets to determine their total value, and the executor takes responsibility for which taxes and debts these assets will cover.

Once the executor completes the initial asset distribution and pays outstanding taxes and debts, they distribute the remainder among those individuals or organizations specified in the will, if there is one. Probate is a supervised process aiming to ensure that the will’s beneficiaries receive the property bequeathed to them in the will. If no will or trust exists, the process could be more complicated.

How We Help You Through The Probate Process
Hard work accumulates a lifetime of assets that can provide a safety net for those you support after your passing. When you choose us to help plan for your estate, it is a deeply personal process. Most people want to pass on a lasting legacy to their children or other beneficiaries, and our team established the firm to help our clients transition their assets as simply as possible.

A trustworthy attorney from Weiner Law can ease the end-of-life transition for you and your family. We offer estate planning and probate administration services to ensure your loved ones can avoid a drawn-out court process. Although a named executor of an estate must still participate in the probate court process, Weiner Law can help every step of the way.

Are you interested in establishing a living will or trust? Do you have questions about the probate administration process? Call us today for a complimentary evaluation with our trustworthy probate attorneys.

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