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Trust Administration Attorney

Location: San Diego, CA 92130
Posted: Mon. Jul 24
What You Need To Know About California Trust Administration
Many Californians create revocable living trusts so that their children or others can bypass the tedious probate court process. Although administering a trust outside of probate is generally less onerous, Trustees still have numerous duties which may be neglected without a proper understanding of California’s trust administration laws. It is critical that Trustees perform their role in accordance with both the law and the trust document to avoid any personal or fiduciary liability. At Weiner Law we counsel Trustees through the trust administration process to ensure that all legal requirements are met and the trust is administered accordingly.

A Trustee is responsible for administering the trust and distributing its assets in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. It takes some legal knowledge, financial management skills, and patience to manage trust assets, and professional support goes a long way. Trust administration can be complicated, posing numerous traps for the unwary.

How Weiner Law Can Help California’s Trustees

The attorneys at Weiner Law provide counsel and guidance in trust administration. Our trust attorneys help Trustees with:

Separating personal assets from trust assets;
Handling beneficiaries impartially;
Distributing gifts, assets, or inheritance impartially according to the trust or estate plan;
Managing debts, tax, expenses, and income sources;
Preventing a conflict of interest with the beneficiaries;
Contesting trust legalities; and
Handling trusts created under duress or via undue influence or coercion.
We also have the skills to resolve issues like trust document forgery, fiduciary duty breach, and lack of mental capacity to manage a trust.

Contact Weiner Law Today For California Trust Administration Services
Federal and state laws govern how successor Trustees must manage trust assets after the death of the trust creator. Various factors may lead to the Trustee becoming personally liable for their trust management errors, so it is vital to ensure all Trustee actions are conducted strictly in accordance with the law. It is pivotal for a Trustee to understand the expectations of trust administration, and Weiner Law can help.

The attorneys at Weiner Law ensure Trustees understand how to comply with California’s fiduciary and legal obligations and provide support for questions or concerns. They help Trustees administer trusts every step of the way. Contact Weiner Law today for trust administration services in San Diego CA.

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