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Joseph Samra
joseph Samara is an attorney with high-level logical reasoning skills. Here is the first assortment of tasks he regularly performs with his keen aptitude for logical reasoning.

 Going over complicated written text and connecting information to make inferences
 Documenting relevant findings and making connections between different laws
 Structuring and examining arguments
Joseph Samra is a high-achieving attorney who has built a reputation for being a diligent worker with an outstanding drive to succeed. He began working in a warehouse shortly after his father died, but was injured as a result of the physical strain required to perform manual tasks. While he was recovering from his back injury, he made the decision to apply to law school. He went to Suffolk University, where he studied diligently in hopes of becoming a successful attorney. Soon after graduating with his Juris Doctorate, Joseph Samra worked at a small law firm, which gave him the opportunity to develop his skills as a licensed and practicing lawyer. Joseph eventually moved on to begin his own private practice law firm, which he has managed for over a decade now. 

Joseph Samra's law firm practices real estate, divorce, and insurance law. In the future, Joseph aspires to work with driven young attorneys to help them expand their skills and knowledge. He also dreams of seeing his own children grow up, go to college, and live up to their full potential. 

While he has several professional objectives in mind, Joseph Samra's ultimate goal is to defend civil liberties, protect the underdog, and make the world a better place as a whole. He plans to continue practicing law and eventually hopes to expand his private practice firm.

In addition to his professional goals, Joseph also wants to take more time to be with his family and participate in volunteer initiatives.
Practice Areas
 Legal Services  Divorce  Negligence
 Abuse (Child, Domestic, Sexual)  Eminent Domain/Condemnation  Parents (Elder Law, Medicare, SSI)
 Agencies & Administration  Employment Law  Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks
 Auto (Speeding, Traffic)  Entertainment & Media  Pay and Benefits
 Auto (Accidents, Insurance)  Environmental Law/Zoning  Personal Injury
 Banking (Business, Mortgage)  Family Law  Probate & Contested Wills
 Bankruptcy  Financing & Taxes  Product Liability
 Business Law  Health Care & Insurance  Real Estate/Property
 Children (Custody, Support)  Injuries & Accidents  Social Security
 Class Actions (Drugs, Products)  Insurance  Taxes
 Commercial Law and Contracts  Investments (Securities, IPOs)  Transportation
 Commercial Real Estate  Juveniles  Unions
 Commerical Litigation  Landlord/Tenant  Immigration, Visas, Citizenship, Deportation
 Construction (Accidents, Disputes)  Medical Malpractice  White Collar Crime
 Contract Disputes  Malpractice - Professional  Workers' Compensation
 Credit (Collections, Rights)  Mediation  Wrongful Death
 Criminal Law  Motor Vehicle Accidents  Wrongful Termination
JD from Suffolk University
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