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The 5 Primary Benefits of Registering Your Business Trademark

Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t fully understand just how fundamental trademarking is to developing their brand. Below I have listed the essential benefits registering your trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office:

→ Registering your trademark grants you presumptive rights throughout the entire country even if your use is more limited.

→ Registering your trademark allows you to use the ® symbol, which discourages other businesses that may try to take advantage of the good reputation of your company by attempting to use your trademark.

→ When you register your trademark, other businesses are put on notice that you have trademark rights when doing trademark searches and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office may block similar trademark applications.

→By registering your trademark you gain a presumption of ownership and validity in potential litigation.

→ Registering your trademark can cause other companies to help protect your trademark. For example, Google may block ads that infringe on a registered trademark, Apple may deny apps with a name similar to an existing app in its store, and Amazon may block similar products.

→ Trademarks can add long term value to your business as you can later sell or license your trademark or use it to attract investors.

→ You can use trademark registration in the United States to form a basis for a foreign trademark in another country.

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