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Benefits of Expunging a Criminal Record

What is expungement?
In some states such as Florida, a criminal record can be removed from the general public’s view to protect your privacy. When a record is expunged, you no longer have to reveal that the crime took place.

Not every type of crime is eligible for expungement
Barriers removed from expungement
Having a criminal record expunged provides many advantages by removing an obstacle that prevents you from access to privileges afforded to those who have not committed a crime.

Employment - Most employers will complete some type of background check that looks for criminal activity. If they find you have been convicted of a crime, the likelihood of you getting hired decreases significantly. Furthermore, it is possible for an employer to terminate an employee if a prior conviction is identified after they are hired. An expungement lawyer can help remove a criminal record so that you can respond to employers that you have not committed a crime.

Renting - Most landlords will check the background of potential renters to avoid bad tenants. Once you occupy an apartment or rental, it is much harder to evict someone. A landlord or property manager may also have concerns about collecting rent from anyone with a criminal record. Expungement can remove a crime so a landlord won’t see it.

Loans and Mortgages - A bank, lender or mortgage company may have second thoughts on giving a loan to someone with a criminal record. It may also affect the loan rate if you are granted one.

Higher Education - If you have aspirations of obtaining a college degree, a criminal record could interfere. Student loan rates may also be higher for those identified with a criminal record.

Gun Ownership - Certain crimes may restrict you from owning a gun under federal law. Many states have similar and even more restrictive laws. There are also laws requiring gun shops to run background checks on buyers before selling a firearm.

Youth Leadership/volunteerism - Many youth leagues, clubs and sports programs require criminal background checks for leaders and volunteers. This could preclude you from participating.

Others searching for you - These days, many criminal records can be found online. Friends, neighbors, co-workers and new acquaintances can quickly cast judgement on you when a criminal record is identified. However, an expungement lawyer can help have this information removed.

In some states, a person convicted of a crime may be ineligible for foster care, voting, public housing assistance
How to get an expungement in Florida

Winter Haven expungement lawyer Diange Buerger can review your situation and tell you if your case is eligible for expungement. Then help with the process of filing to give you the best chance of having your prior criminal record cleared.