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The Medlin Law Firm Case Wins: .17 Blood Specimen and Car Accident – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Our client side-swiped another vehicle in front of a police car, then was attempting to pull over to a safe location, and the Fort Worth police officer accused her of failing to stop at an accident. Once pulled over, the police officer asked her if she had been drinking. She admitted to 5 drinks. She was asked to step out of the vehicle and performed four roadside field sobriety tests. She failed all four tests. She refused to provide a blood alcohol specimen. A warrant was issued for her blood sample. The sample came back as .17 (which is over double the legal limit of .08). Our client was nervous about going to trial because of her high BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level; however, our attorney persuaded her to fight her case. During the trial, our attorney cross-examined the blood test analyst and was able to convince the jury that the specimen was not accurate and the jury found our client Not Guilty of Driving While Intoxicated!

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