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The Medlin Law Firm Case Wins: Possession of Dangerous Drug, Parker County – Dismissed

Our client has a heart condition that requires him to take multiple prescription drugs. He does not usually keep the pills in the prescription bottle with the label on it. He was parked on the side of the road messing with his cell phone. Officers pulled up behind him to do a motorist assist in Parker County, Texas. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer saw empty beer bottles in the rear seat passenger floorboard and asked our client if he’d been drinking. He said “no”. They ordered him to step out of the car and searched his vehicle. Officer found the pills in a white pill bottle unmarked and our client was arrested for possession of a dangerous drug. Even though the law states that even if a person has a prescription for a drug, said drug must be in a labeled bottle with the name of drug and name of the person prescribed to, we were able to convince the DA to dismiss the charge.

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