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Defending a DUI Arrest in Michigan
Regardless of whether you were arrested for a OWI, OWVI, OWI with a High BAC or Driving Under the influence of drugs in Michigan, it is important to thoroughly have your case evaluated by a DUI Attorney who not only handles such cases but one who also has vast knowledge in criminal law and has the ability to spot constitutional issues to prepare a DUI defense strategy.

With that, the first part of the analysis for evaluating a DUI arrest in Michigan is to determine whether your initial seizure by the police was valid. In other words, did the cop/officer pull you over for a proper reason. A good DUI Defense Attorney can help you answer that question.

The second part of the analysis is whether the officer had reasonable suspicion (not probable cause), to require you to perform field sobriety tests or even to take a breath test (PBT). Again, a good DUI Defense Attorney can help you answer that question.

The third part of the analysis and probably the most important, is whether the officer had probable cause to arrest you. Finally, did the officer follow the rules and procedures when you were given a breath test or a blood test.

These are all important aspects in evaluating a DUI arrest in Michigan. Without a proper evaluation of your DUI case, you could make a mistake that will have consequences on your freedom, driving privileges, employment and educational opportunities, licensure and reputation.

Therefore, evaluating your DUI arrest with a good and knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney before going to Court is smart on your end.

Attorney Daniel Hajji is a Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney in Oakland County, Michigan.