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Questions to Ask Your Injury Attorney
Q: How many cases similar to mine has your firm handled?

You will want to hire an attorney who has volumes of experience in all aspects of auto accident lawsuits.

Q: What criteria does your firm use to determine whether a case goes to trial or gets settled?

Not every case should be handled in the same manner. Some cases are best settled out of court, and some cases are obvious candidates for a drawn out trial. In any event, your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome will likely increase if the opposing counsel realizes that your attorney is prepared to take this one whereever it needs to go.

Q: How can I communicate with my lawyer / How do you handle your client communications?

Lack of adequate communication is one of the most common complaints that law firms receive. Your attorney needs to make this process easy for you, and expectations need to be set at the start of the attorney-client relationship as to what the communication process will entail.

Q: Will you preserve my right to appeal the verdict if my case fails at trial?

You want to make sure that you preserve all your legal options. Additionally, you may not want to start all over with a new attorney if you have to appeal this case. Ask your lawyer how this process will work.

Q: What lawyers in this firm have been cited for ethical violation or professional malpractice?

When you hire a lawyer, it's almost like taking on a new family member. You need to know who you are working with, and we suggest that you only work with attorneys who have no violations that make you uncomfortable.