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General Counsel Services Help Businesses Set Boundaries

Working with a general counsel attorney, a business owner may be more likely to set specific boundaries and define the scope of certain projects. This may occur in communications with the lawyer. This communication is critical since it compels the business owner to express the actions which must be completed in the project. Because these communications do not occur during an attorney’s billable hours, the business owner may not be inclined to force issues to be completed as quickly as possible. The business owner should be receptive to the customized advice from the general counsel lawyer.

The relationship between a general counsel attorney and a business owner can be different than the relationship a business owner has with a lawyer who is billing by the hour. With general counsel services, a business owner and the attorney have an established relationship and the business owner is more likely to be comfortable enough to trust the legal advice from the attorney. The general counsel attorney can help the business become more efficient through communications when the business owner fully visualizes concepts and projects.