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R. Kent Brown
Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC
Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, in Charlotte is not a general practice law firm. Instead, they focus their legal practice on providing focused, high-quality legal help to injured people in personal injury, workers’ compensation cases, and medical malpractice cases. Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, Charlotte personal injury attorneys are thorough investigators and s
Law Firm
Charlotte, NC 28203
4 miles away
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Herman Legal Group, Llc, Charlotte Immigration Law...
Herman Legal Group, LLC
Thank you for visiting the Herman Legal Group ---The Law Firm for Immigrants™!Founded in 1995 by Richard Herman, we are an award-winning, skilled, driven, compassiHonate and highly experienced immigration law firm: passionate about providing exceptional immigration legal services and helping others. We have received numerous national awards and recognition for our
Law Firm
Charlotte, NC 28202
4.5 miles away
North Carolina State Records
John Sharian
North Carolina Court Records First Name: Last Name: City: Why North Carolina Court Records are Available to the Public? In 1935, the North Carolina State Legislature passed a law named the North Carolina Public Records Law. This law was enabled with the last changes in 2005 and aims to ensure disclosure of court records and other public records to the public.
Charlotte, NC 28202
4.5 miles away
Larry Price
Larry Price
Price, Petho & Associates
Larry E. Price is a founder of Price, Petho & Associates As a Charlotte car accident attorney, he has worked to represent clients in the fields of personal injury including car accidents and worker’s compensation on behalf of plaintiffs in Charlotte for the past 36 years. The law firm Price, Petho & Associates is dedicated to the representation of plaintiffs involv
Charlotte, NC 28204
5.7 miles away