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Coalter Law, PLLC
Coalter Law, PLLC represents clients from Guilford County and other North Carolina locations in a full range of criminal defense matters. If you face criminal charges, you’re entitled to legal representation, but if you don’t have a qualified defense lawyer who’s successfully challenged the police and prosecution, you might not be able to fight the charges effectively
Law Firm
Greensboro, NC 27401
1.3 miles away
Winston-Salem Eminent Domain Attorneys
Shiloh Daum
Eminent Domain Law
At Sever Storey, we work exclusively for LANDOWNERS in Indiana, North Carolina, Illinois and Ohio. Our mission is to hold taking agencies, whether they be State, Federal, Local, Utility or University, accountable to the landowners whose land they are acquiring. Our entire firm is built around serving you, the landowner who is facing eminent domian or condemnation.
Law Firm
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
24.1 miles away
Kevin Ginsberg, Attorney
Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents,Pedestrian Accident
Whether you have just been involved in a serious accident that wasn't your fault or are grappling with a complex employment law matter, you may not know where to turn to take legal action. You want a firm that will prioritize your case, walk you through the process of your claim and all of your options, and—above all—do everything it can to secure results. At Kornblut
Law Firm
Durham, NC 27707
48.7 miles away