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Personal Injury Law
Marc Yonker
Marc Yonker helps everyone he encounters, whether professionally or personally. Many of his clients have been the victims of car accidents. He is aware that no one ever wants to be in a situation where they must contact a lawyer and does his best to make the process as painless as possible.
Tampa, FL 33606
Federal Trial and Class Action Lawyers
Labor and Employment, Class action, wrongful termination
Feldman Morgado, PA
We are a civil litigation firm with primary practice in the following areas: labor and employment, contracts, Family Medical Leave Act, real estate litigation, commercial litigation, products liability and class actions, wage and hour such claims such as FLSA overtime and minimum wage violations, business torts, fraud, shareholder and partnership disputes. We handle
Tampa, FL 33609
Civil Trial
Christopher Ligori
Christopher Ligori has been practicing law since 1994 and is one of the few attorneys in Florida to have tried over 100 jury trials to verdict. He prides himself on aggressively litigating and pursuing his clients’ claims, as well as treating all clients and their cases, regardless of the size of the case, with the same respect and diligence.
Tampa, FL 336061911
Kristin Demers-Crowell
Property Law
Since 1998, Kristi "Kristi" Demers-Crowell has traveled the State of Florida handling commercial and residential building damage claims, including hundreds of losses from fires, hurricanes, tornados, lightning, sinkholes, collapse, pipe bursts, water intrusion, theft, vandalism and other causes Legal Association: American Association for Justice Florida Justice A
Tampa, FL 33606
Mindi Lasley, P.A.
Mindi Beth Lasley
Family law & divorce attorney in Tampa, Florida. Divorce does have to have to be a war. But when you need an aggressive divorce lawyer on your side I am ready to help you. I also have experience in military divorces and other areas of family law. Mindi Beth Lasley is an experienced divorce lawyer based in Tampa, Florida. She is ready to help you get past a diff
Law Firm
Tampa, FL 33602
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Barry Taracks
Criminal Law, DUI, Family Law, Traffic Violations
Have you been charged with a crime in the Tampa, FL area? At Taracks Gomez & Rickman a Tampa criminal defense lawyer will be able to fight on your behalf to ensure that you receive the legal support and guidance you need. We understand how the criminal law process works and will be able to use our combined 25 years of legal experience to assist you. Contact a lawyer f
Law Firm
Tampa, FL 33607
Bill Winters
Bill Winters
With over 30 years of legal experience and thousands of cases under his belt, Bill Winters has taken the skills he learned at a large personal injury firm and translated them into the client-friendly model that is on display at Winters & Yonkers
Tampa, FL 33606
An Experienced Tampa Personal Injury Attorney
Peter Macaluso
Macaluso Law
Contact The Law Offices of Peter N. Macaluso for expert legal services such as personal injury, criminal, immigration, and family law attorney in Tampa, FL! The Law Offices of Peter N. Macaluso has been providing expert legal services such as personal injury, criminal, immigration, and family law to the residents of Tampa and the surrounding area.
Tampa, FL 33603