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Injuries & AccidentsLawyer inToronto

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Personal injury attorney
Mazin & Associates, PC
Whenever you are dealing with an injury caused by another party’s negligence or if someone’s negligence caused the death of a loved one, we are here to fight for you. Our Toronto personal injury lawyers of Mazin & Associates, PC are handling cases including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, serious fractures, amputations, blindness injuries, and wrongful death cas
Law Firm
Toronto, Ontario M2N 6L4
Family Lawyers in Toronto
Anita Kain
Kain & Ball are experts in family law. We have established ourselves as leaders in the field of family law over the past 20 years. Family law remains our primary focus today. Our team of intelligent and skilled Toronto lawyers is dedicated to ensuring that our clients get only the best in advice, counsel and representation.Call us today for a FREE consultation at our
Law Firm
Toronto, OK M5H 2N7
Injury Lawyers
Corey Goodman
Goodman Elbassiouni LLP
We are injury lawyers dedicated to representing those who have suffered from an other's negligence. Serious injuries can have devastating impacts on an individuals life from personal, to financial and even family life. Our primary areas of practice include but are not limited to slip and fall injuries, car accident and workplace injuries. Goodman Elbassiouni LLP is de
Law Firm
Toronto, Ontario M9W 6H8
Konstantin Konstantin, Manager
Marvin A. Gorodensky Professional Corporation
At Marvin A. Gorodensky Professional Corporation, we are knowledgeable, experienced lawyers who can assist you with your employment law issues at a reasonable cost. We provide an initial free consultation, usually one half-hour, where we can assess the issues and provide you with concise, reliable advice on what is one of the most important aspects of your life your w
Law Firm
Toronto, Ontario M4V 1K9
Yossi Schochet Criminal Lawyer
Yossi Schochet
Yossi Schochet, is a lawyer dedicated to Criminal Defence Law. He aggressively defends his clients and gets consistently the best results possible. Yossi provides criminal defence for clients located in Toronto, Milton, Newmarket, Oshawa, Brampton, and various cities in Ontario. His expertise has garnered him the respect of Judges and Crown Attorneys. In fact, othe
Toronto, Canada M5M 1C6