Don't lose potential clients because of a poorly written profile!

 Make sure to enter your two profile headlines. Make them warm and welcoming.

BAD: Acme, Inc.

BETTER: I can help you with xyz.

Also, our system adjusts the font of the headline according to its length. The longer the headline, the smaller the font will be. Experiment with the length of both your headlines to see what looks better. Remember, this is internet marketing: looks matter. This applies to your photo as well. Have a photo that portrays the image you want to convey to potential clients.

 Make sure your profile is robust, warm, and descriptive.

Write AT LEAST a few paragraphs about your practice to get optimal results from your profile. Remember your audience - you are writing to people who may not understand your field, so make your profile easy-to-read and understandable. Write so that potential clients can get a good sense of who you are as well as what you can do for them. Don't be too technical or dry. Be welcoming and friendly and describe how you and the client would work together.

 In your profile, focus on how you can help the client.

BAD: I help individuals with a wide range of issues.

BETTER: I understand how difficult xyz can be for you, and I can help you with it.

 A good profile photo is essential.

You must have a profile photo. Profiles without photos do not perform well. Use a warm and friendly photo of yourself. If you can't find a good photo or feel that you're hopelessly un-photogenic, use a colorful avatar picture or logo.

 Consider marketing yourself as a "specialty" practitioner.

Marketing experts usually recommend choosing what’s called a "market segment." The segment should be related to a specific issue people are looking for help with. The advantage of writing about a specialty area in your profile is that you can better reach the group of people who need that specialty service. You don't have to exclude your other competencies. For example you could write, "While I have a general practice and handle a wide range of issues, I often work with [xyz specialty]."

 Make sure you select all relevant practice areas and certifications on your profile.

Edit your profile and select all relevant practice areas and certifications from the pick lists. Google and Bing will use these to rank your profile in search results.

 Share your profile with others.

1. Use the "Share" buttons at the top of your profile to share your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.
2. Copy your profile link (e.g., lawyernext.com/Profile/JohnSmith) to other sites such as LinkedIn.
3. There are hundreds of sites on the web where you can share your profile.
4. Use your profile link on your business cards.
5. Use it as a signature on your emails.
6. Get creative!

 Use your profile's Articles feature.

You can post professional or news articles on your profile. Your profile will show links to your articles. Google and Bing will find these and you will attract more clients. Take five minutes a day and find an article to post on your profile.

 Use your profile's Events feature.

You can post events such as workshops, seminars, or classes on your profile. Your profile will show links to your events. Google and Bing will find these and you will attract more clients.

 Use your profile's Blog feature to share your advice.

Use your profile's Blog section to share your experience and advice. Your profile will show links to your blog posts. Google and Bing will find these and you will attract more clients. Take five minutes a day and write a short blog post on your profile.

 Use your profile's Discounts/Offers feature.

If appropriate for your profession, post discounts and offers on your profile to attract potential clients. Your profile will show links to your discounts and offers. This also increases your internet presence because Google and Bing will find these and they will appear in searches by potential clients.

 Use your profile's Recommendations feature.

If you enabled this feature, you can display recommendations and testimonials on your profile (use the Write Recommendation button on your profile). You approve all recommendations before they display on your profile and you can easily delete any recommendations. Like any business, recommendations will attract potential clients.

 Get help writing your profile.

Most people are not skilled marketers or advertising copywriters. Find a friend or colleague with retail advertising, sales, or marketing experience and ask them to review your profile and suggest improvements.

 Need advice? Ask us.

We're here to help. If you have a question, contact us and we'll try to steer you in the right direction.

 Review your profile carefully for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Your profile reflects the professionalism of your practice. Grammar and spelling mistakes are a turn-off for potential clients. Take five minutes and review your profile, phone number, and address to make sure they are error-free.

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 You must invest to grow.

Your practice will grow by advertising it. You should be spending at least 5% of your gross income on advertising and marketing. For example, if you gross $30,000/year you should be spending at least $1,500/year on advertising and marketing. This is tax-deductible so your actual cost is less.