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EB-5 Visas

Location: San Antonio, TX 78249
Posted: Thu. Jul 20
At Lozano Law Firm we help investors and entrepreneurs (and their spouses and children) obtain Green Cards for lawful permanent residence in the U.S. with an EB-5 Visa. An EB-5 Visa is the fifth preference category for employment-based immigrant Visas. As you may have guessed, the U.S. only grants a limited number of EB-5 visas each year, and competition for a Green Card through this process can be fierce. Read on for more information about obtaining an EB-5 Visa, and how Lozano Law Firm can help.

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EB-5 visas are granted for the purpose of investing in a “new commercial enterprise” in the U.S. Generally speaking, you must invest at least $1,800,000, or $900,000 USD if the location of the business is in an area of exceptionally high unemployment or in a targeted rural area. The investment must also either create at least ten permanent full-time jobs for qualified U.S. workers or preserve at least ten jobs in a troubled business, and there are requirements regarding the level of involvement which the investor must have in the day-to-day management of the enterprise.

For wealthy people who wish to invest money into the U.S. economy, the EB-5 Visa can provide a quick method of obtaining permanent residence. In fact, you may get permanent residence immediately upon entering the U.S. with an EB-5 Visa. This will allow you to avoid additional paperwork and additional consular processing that would seek permanent residence after a Visa.

You do not have to have experience or business training in order to obtain an EB-5 Visa. As long as you have the required amount of money to invest and your business investment meets other requirements, the Government will likely grant your Visa. There is no prohibition against certain countries. However, U.S. immigration authorities do question immigrants from all countries, especially those from countries that frequently submit fraudulent activity.

The EB-5 Green Card Is Conditional
When you seek an EB-5 Visa, it is upon the condition that you will be investing in the United States economy. Thus, an EB-5 Green Card expires within two years after the Government issues it. In that time, you must show that your business investment meets all of the qualifications of the EB-5 Visa. It must provide a certain number of jobs and employer a minimum amount of workers. If it does not do this and meet other requirements within two years, then your green card may be canceled.

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