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Obstruction of Justice

Type: Legal Services
Location: Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Description: My NH ADMINISTRATOR, has filled out a false police report like no other. I want a police complaint filed for obstruction of justice . Also submitted with the report were 43 pgs. Of Personal Healthcare Information with pre-identifiers that were not limited in scope, were faxed without authorization, the Administrator has no authority to disclose.,
The detective had no authority to ask for them either . |
This started as a Crime tip submitted online to the Chippewa Falls police department alleging Willful physical abuse, violation of patients rights , falsification of medical records, violations of the RN Nursing Code of Conduct, and/or medical battery.
Actually though , with this aforementioned details, this is not what I am pursuing at this time.
I am pursuing Obstruction of Justice charges primarily at this time, against the administrator concerning knowingly submitting a flse police report.
I have been investigating this case since January, (not kidding), and I have collected every record that I can find, including those from Dove Healthcare Corp., Oakleaf Medical center, and the Minneapolis VA. I can disprove 99.9% of every statement on that police report.
i also believe I have a case against Chippewa PD, But this case I believe is the hinge pin for the allegations to follow.
I do not want this tried as a Medical Malpractice case, because it isn't.
I have recordings,records, and alot of time in this case and I want justice. I have saved all email communications.
in one email,the administrator directly lies about the number of documents disclosed.
She stated 2 pages. SHE SUBMITTED 43!!. She didn't know at the time that i had accumulated the police records. I checked with the clerk of records at the PD and nobody else requested a copy of those records although the administrator led an internal investigation she claims, but how can you lead and ind internal investigation Without even reading the original complaint?
Urgency: Immediately
Frequency: One-time
Posted On: Wednesday, June 9, 2021
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