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Adjustment Of Status Application – Journey To A Green Card

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Description: Many foreign nationals already in the United States view the Adjustment of Status application as a crucial step in obtaining a Green Card. Such status grants them the right to live and work permanently in the country. In this article, learn about the AOS process and its various aspects. It includes the eligibility criteria, required documents, processing times, potential delays, interviews, common RFEs, and filing costs.

The Adjustment Of Status Application
In U.S. immigration, navigating the complexities of legal processes can be daunting. Transitioning from a temporary status to lawful permanent residency is especially challenging. Therefore, it is vital to know the intricacies of Adjustment of Status, its significance, eligibility criteria, and the steps involved.

The Timeline Of A Green Card Application
The processing times for AOS applications vary widely depending on several factors. It includes the applicant’s country of origin, the current Visa bulletin, and the USCIS workload. On average, it may take several months to over a year. Processing delays are not uncommon for various reasons, such as:
A high volume of applications the USCIS receives.
Additional administrative processing for security checks or background investigations.
Request for additional evidence (RFE) from USCIS, requiring applicants to provide further documentation to support their eligibility.
Technical glitches or delays in USCIS systems.
Part of the Adjustment of Status process is the interview. To pass, you must prepare and familiarize yourself with what happens during this phase.

Seek The Help Of An Immigration Attorney

The help of an immigration attorney can provide significant advantages. Immigration laws and procedures can be intricate and bewildering, but an experienced attorney can adeptly navigate these complexities. They possess extensive knowledge of the immigration system, keep abreast of the latest legal changes, and comprehend the specific requirements for various categories. Through their experience, they can evaluate an individual’s eligibility, compile the necessary documentation, and build a robust case to address potential challenges or obstacles. Additionally, they can offer guidance during interviews, handle USCIS requests for evidence (RFEs), and advocate for applicants, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient process. With the help of an immigration lawyer, applicants can avoid costly errors and delays that might arise from incomplete or inaccurate paperwork. Furthermore, an attorney increases the chances of successful application, alleviating stress and uncertainty.

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