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Business Representation that Makes Business Sense!
Marrs Griebel Law Ltd. is an Albuquerque law firm that understands how the business law can make your business better. It is a firm that is tailored to the needs of the businesses. The main focus is a little different than most firms. We believe that legal services should serve the larger business objectives.

We serve a wide range of legal areas. Following is the list:-
1. Business Disputes
2. Recruitment Litigation
3. Insurance disputes
4. Federal and State Tax Litigation
5. Agricultural Law
Practice Areas
 Legal Services  Contract Disputes  Malpractice - Professional
 Agencies & Administration  Employment Law  Personal Injury
 Business Law  Financing & Taxes  Real Estate/Property
 Commercial Law and Contracts  Health Care & Insurance  Taxes
 Commercial Real Estate  Insurance  Workers' Compensation
 Commerical Litigation  Investments (Securities, IPOs)
 Juris Doctor (J.D.)
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