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Expert Legal Help to Reduce Conflict in Divorce
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We believe in reducing conflict rather than escalating it. When possible we use a variety of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) techniques including Mediation, Collaboration, and Arbitration.

ADR allows parties to resolve even complex and difficult divorces outside of court. These processes are much better for managing conflict than the trial by fire of a court proceeding, which tends to escalate mudslinging and aggravate tensions by turning the spouses into adversaries.

Settling a case outside of court can provide much more privacy to the parties (no arguments in open court, no detailed court filings laying out accusations and finances).

More importantly it allows you and your spouse to design a solution that is tailored to your situation and is based on your concerns, goals, and interests rather than the limited concerns of the legal system.

It also encourages parents to find ways to effectively and cooperatively co-parent, rather than treating the children as something to be fought over. We believe that this kind of approach provides a much healthier future for children of divorced parents.
Our firm was founded by Michael V. Fancher who has always had a focus on findings better ways to serve clients. Our mission is to improve the way divorces are handled in the Seattle area.

A graduate of Harvard University, Mark Alexander provides sound advice, a calm presence, and clear explanations. He works to lower anxiety and buffer his clients from the raised emotions of the case. He seeks solutions that allow his clients to move forward with their lives. In addition to representing clients, Mark also acts as a settlement conference mediator, helping other attorneys resolve their cases out of court.

As a lawyer and as a judge Mimi Buescher has seen the profound impact divorce can have on children. She focuses her practice on divorces with children. Her work involves creating financial settlements that are fair and also ensure the children are provided for. It means crafting parenting plans that protect the children, but when possible keep both parents actively involved in the children's lives in a cooperative way. For clients who qualify, Ms. Buescher offers Collaborative Divorce services, specifically designed to manage conflict so that divorcing spouses can work with full professional support to peacefully develop the best and most durable solutions that meet the needs, goals, and concerns of both parties.

Janel Ostrem is known for her compassion combined with thoughtful advice. She tailors her approach to the unique circumstances of each client's situation. Relationships are very important to Janel. She works closely with her clients to help them make the transition to their post-divorce lives in as healthy a way as possible.
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