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At Sever Storey, we work exclusively for LANDOWNERS in Indiana, North Carolina, Illinois and Ohio. Our mission is to hold taking agencies, whether they be State, Federal, Local, Utility or University, accountable to the landowners whose land they are acquiring. Our entire firm is built around serving you, the landowner who is facing eminent domian or condemnation.

At Sever Storey we have provided results and solutions for hundreds of landowners and businesses that have been faced with eminent domain and condemnation. We have a large body of practical experience in solving problems that may arise in the eminent domain or condemnation process. Over the years we have represented farmers, business owners, and residential landowners on projects ranging from commercial takings where millions of dollars were at issue to small set back cases.

At Sever Storey we like to listen and understand your problems. By listening to you carefully we can then apply the facts against our experience to identify issues that you may never have contemplated. When we give recommendations and advice, you can rest assured it will specifically answer your problems and will be backed by years of experience.
Tonny D. Storey, Esq. is one of the founding partners of Sever Storey and has been helping individuals, families, and businesses as an attorney since 2001. Upon completion of law school, Mr. Storey served as a deputy prosecutor, where he practiced and honed his litigation skills. Currently Mr. Storey represents clients facing eminent domain or condemnaiton throughout Indiana. Through years of practice and the representation of hundreds of clients, Mr. Storey can quickly spot issues that landowners many times miss.
Mr. Storey completed his undergraduate degree in Education from Purdue University and received his Juris Doctorate from Indiana University. Mr. Storey is a member of the Indianapolis Bar Association and currently assists on the bench bar conference committee. Mr. Storey is licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana, as well as in the Northern and Southern Federal District Courts of Indiana.
Mr. Storey enjoys an active lifestyle and has a variety of personal interests including investing, yoga, biking and tennis.
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