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Abogado De Inmigración Bronx

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Abogado De Inmigración Bronx
Of the different types of clients that appear in my office, some of the saddest stories are of clients seeking asylum in the United States. It is true that each personal story has its own tragedy. However, most of the people I know seeking asylum have had some horrible events like no other. Those cases should be taken very seriously as someone's life is probably at stake. Returning someone who is seeking asylum to the country where they are afraid to return is something I cannot live with. This is why I feel that I have a great obligation to protect my client and his family. We all know that an asylum case is not easy. The asylum office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or the Immigration Court wants you to prove your case. So how do you prove your asylum case? What if you do not have any documents that prove that you are exposed to persecution. These are very good questions. You should be aware that it is currently very rare for a client to walk into my office with all the evidence in hand. In some cases, the customer was so scared that they literally had to leave with nothing but their clothes in their bag. The law allows a fact-finding investigator to approve a case without evidence in the form of supporting documents. In some cases, the testimony of the asylum seeker may be sufficient. An asylum seeker should always proceed with caution when seeking asylum. Some errors may not be repairable. That is why someone should always proceed with the advice of a licensed and experienced attorney. Yes, it will cost money, but I assure you that if things go wrong during your asylum process for ignoring the law, it will cost you much more to try to fix the problem, if possible. Remember . . The best investment is investing in yourself and your family.
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