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Maura J. Kiefer

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Based in Marshfield, the Law Offices of Maura J. Kiefer represents individual and commercial on matters involving family law, appeals, estate planning, and civil litigation. Our office is convenient to Routes 3, 3A, 44, 24, 93, and the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Divorce – If you are faced with a divorce, how you file and early decisions can impact your life. It is important to understand the pros and cons of a contested divorce, and at least consider the possibility of getting through it on an uncontested basis.

Of course, sometimes no matter how simple it may seem, occasionally your soon-to-be ex-spouse will act hostile and simply not cooperate. Nonetheless, our priority will always be your best interests at the forefront.

If you are a parent, we understand that custody and child support are probably always on your mind. There are strategies that can help, including setting the stage with early temporary orders that provide guidance and structure on co-parenting schedules and support.

In Massachusetts, alimony is evaluated based on the length of the marriage and other factors, such as lifestyle, earning capacities, etc… The most marked criteria is if your marriage is over 20 years. If you have been married for 20 years or more, alimony may last for an “indefinite” period of time and often stretches to the spouse’s federal retirement age. Call attorney Kiefer to discuss strategies for financial wellness.

DCF Cases. Attorney Kiefer is a certified Children and Family Law (CAFL) trial and appellate attorney by the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services handling DCF cases. If you need assistance with any aspect of your children’s lives which have been, or could be, impacted by DCF please call our office to discuss how we may help.

Appeals – Have you gone to trial and lost? Or maybe you won, but the other side is filing an appeal. Our firm prosecutes and defends civil and criminal appeals throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In civil cases, filing an appeal is often a business decision. How much do you stand to gain or lose? What is the likelihood of a favorable result?

There are strict timelines for appeals, so do not delay in filing a Notice of Appeal if you want to pursue relief on appeal because you have 30 days to do so. Remember, you can always drop your appeal after you file your Notice. Often verdicts are negotiated during the appeal process because appeals, like trials, can be unpredictable.

Estate Planning – Do you need a Will, a Trust, or both? It is never too early protect your assets and direct your wealth how you choose to do so. If you die without a will, your assets will be distributed to your descendants by operation of law. That means, your distant cousin Johnny could end up with your entire estate if you have no other primary heirs at law.

Want to avoid probate? If so, a will is not by itself sufficient to avoid costly probate proceedings. Transferring your real estate and other assets into a Trust can avoid probate and maintain the confidentiality of your decisions. That is because assets that are governed by a Trust are managed by someone you appoint, and who only do so in accordance with your specific instructions,. You can also be a beneficiary of your own Trust, and also name anyone you desire. Trusts can be a valuable tool to protect your beneficiaries from the reach of creditors.

Civil Litigation – There are many categories of civil litigation. This area includes numerous different categories such as civil rights, personal injuries, defamation claims, Chapter 93A claims for treble damages, unfair insurance settlement practices, trust litigation, breach of contract, and much more. Our firm represents individuals and companies who have either been sued, or who need to file a complaint in court to enforce their legal rights. Contact attorney Kiefer today to learn your rights and discover options available for any phase of litigation.
Maura J. Kiefer is an experienced appellate, land use, civil litigation, and municipal attorney in Massachusetts and Florida.

After serving as an appointed city attorney in Florida for 11 years, and contract appellate attorney with Florida’s Tenth Judicial Circuit, she established AtlanticiLaw and Appeals to serve citizens and small businesses who migrate back and forth between Massachusetts and Florida.

Clients who move to or from Massachusetts and Florida often find themselves in a quandary due to business, litigation or personal matters that require legal attention from both jurisdictions. Attorney Kiefer serves her customer base with advice and counsel in both States for matters involving a range of areas including:

Domestic Relations
Trusts, Estates and Wills
Local Taxation
Municipal Law
Civil Litigation
Real Estate
Firearms Permits
Civil and Criminal Appeals

Whether you live in Massachusetts or Florida, there may come a time when you need immediate legal advice concerning matters affecting your business or personal life. Our “iLaw Button” is your ready access to direct and cost-effective legal guidance. Just fill out our simple form and send in your question. You will be contacted within 3 hours in most cases.
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