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Don’t let debt ruin your life if we can help you to become debt free and on a path to financial freedom today! There are so many people who call our office after struggling for months or even years to try to get their financial lives in order. They could often resolve such issues in a matter of just weeks and start the path forward!

This is What Bankruptcy Can Do For you Today
Stop Endless Collection Calls.
Stop Endless Collection Letters.
Stop Bank Garnishments
Stop Lawsuits
Resolve Wage Garnishments.
Stop Foreclosures, Evictions, and Repossessions.
Protect Your Home
Keep And Preserve Your Business.
Eliminate Dischargeable IRS Debt and Texas Taxes

Through bankruptcy protection, you could be able to discharge your unsecured debt, like credit cards, medical bills as well as financial loans and lines of credit like personal Loans, payday loans, and more.

Wondering About Bankruptcy? Your Questions Answered!

We make it easy for you to get started and to learn more about your individualized options in a bankruptcy filing. Call us today to receive a free, no-obligation consultation. Some law firms say that the first consultation is free. Your first consultation is free, and so is your second or third, until you determine that it is in your best interest to file to receive protection under bankruptcy. We’re concerned with your financial security, and for that reason, we want to make sure that whatever option that you choose is in your best financial interest.

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We’re here to assist you in getting immediately relief wherever and in whatever way that we can help!

Personalized Attorney Attention to Detail on Your Bankruptcy Case
Your attorney here at Bright Bankruptcy Law Firm will assist you with the kind of personal attention that is uniquely tailored to your personal financial situation. This means that we need to take the time to understand your problems. For this reason, you won’t be surprised to hear us ask you the simple question: “What is going on that has you considering bankruptcy?” or the question, “What is bothering you financially?” The answer to these basic questions can bring out the root issues that have you giving our office a call. As we seek to understand your financial concerns, we will work to discuss important questions about your assets, your debts, your ongoing financial obligations such as your mortgage payment, car payment, and more. As we come to understand what is important to your financial life, we will be better able to provide you with the kind of legal advice and guidance that you need to make wise financial decisions going forward.
You will receive your questions answered personally with explanations about how the bankruptcy law will protect your unique situation. For example, a person who has significant assets in the way of their home and retirement accounts, but who has been the victim of serious health issues will be given the kind of information that can help them understand which of their personal assets are exempt and protected under the bankruptcy code and which assets may be vulnerable to liquidation by the bankruptcy court. At the Bright Law Firm, you will find that our goal is your best financial outcome and your best possible future for you and your family.
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