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Defending your criminal case
with the legal expertise you depend on.
Defending your criminal case with the legal expertise you deserve.
At the Law Offices of Edward Johnson, we are dedicated to fighting for your rights and guiding you to bring about the best possible outcome in any criminal defense matters.
At the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Attorney Edward Johnson, we are dedicated to fighting fearlessly for our clients. We represent individuals who have been charged with any criminal offense, such as homicide, drug possession, DUI, juvenile crimes, gun crimes, and more. Criminal charges can completely disrupt your life, so we are here to help. Whether our client is guilty or not, it is neither our intention nor place to judge. With our extensive experience in criminal defense, we work to ensure you receive a fair trial and best possible outcome.

Criminal defense focuses on the defendant and providing him/her a tight defense and a fair trial. Some are charged wrongfully for a crime they did not commit and others have made mistakes that they want to put behind them. In either scenario, when Edward Johnson decides to take on a case, he not only commits to the client; he commits to the research, dedication, and tenacity required to pursue all legal avenues to ensure the best possible defense for all of his clients. To prevail in the criminal justice system, Edward Johnson draws on his extensive experience, both here in the state of Illinois and his time in the Colorado criminal defense system. He has passed the bar in both Illinois and Colorado. His vast experience in the courtroom and the in-depth knowledge of federal and state criminal law has proven to be a winning combination for his clients. His ability to portray his defendants in a positive light and artfully present arguments that win over both judges and juries has repeatedly been a winning strategy. His areas of criminal law include, but are not limited to:

• First Amendment issues
• Second amendment rights
• Fourth Amendment issues
• Fifth Amendment
• Sixth Amendment
• Civil rights
• Freedom of speech
• Disorderly conduct
• Racial profiling
• Civil action against police
• Domestic battery
• Armed robbery
• Assault
• Due process
• Murder/Homicide
• Unlawful use of weapon/Gun charges
• Theft
• Drug possession
• Expungement
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He goes the EXTRA MILE

“Edward Johnson III is an excellent attorney. I had retained him for a legal issue in the summer of 2014. He was very responsive, attentive, demonstrated strong comprehension and concern of the details regarding the issue at hand. He is very thorough in his work, a hard worker, a consummate professional and goes the extra mile to make sure that justice is properly dispensed for his client. I was very pleased with his work and the peace of mind I gained by having Edward Johnson tackling the legal issues I was going through. And all in all, his work paid off and judgement was won in my favor. He will always get my recommendation.”

– Litigation Client

Highly Recommended

“I recently was caught speeding in a construction zone and was coming off a speeding ticket from a few months earlier. I knew a major implication and a hefty fine was coming my way. Edward David Johnson stepped in and was able to reach a plea agreement with minimum fine and four month supervision in one court date.”

– Speeding Ticket, Cook County

Hard-working, very attentive and outstanding attorney!

“Edward Johnson has done an excellent job representing me on my criminal case. He is very hands on and attentive. Exactly what I wanted from an attorney.”

– Criminal Defense client


“He was very accessible at any time of the day. If he was unable to talk on the phone he would text you back and then return your call as soon as he was able to. He treated my case like he was defending himself. I felt well defended through my entire case and the best part is we won. Professional and organized. Winning attitude and straight forward.”

– DUI client

Highly Recommend!!

“I was referred to Ed thru a client and was MORE than satisfied with the results. He was very informative and helpful and I would most definitely use him again!! (hopefully I wont have to)”

– Criminal Defense client
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