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Your liberty and your livelihood are at stake. Do you know where to turn? You need an attorney dedicated to meeting your needs. You need an experienced, effective attorney who has achieved great ratings from sites like AVVO. You need Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Barton, whose success stories in defending drug cases, domestic violence and other criminal cases are extremely impressive.

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The charges you’re facing right now are a serious threat to your future. No matter what crime you’re accused of, you need attentive representation. You’ll be facing perhaps the strongest prosecution in the state, so taking action now is a must. Charges like the ones you’re facing come with heavy punishments. In some cases, those charges will follow you the rest of your life. Every single time you apply for a job, try to get into a college, or even apply for a loan in some cases, you’ll have to disclose the conviction on your record.

Attorney Tom Barton will represent you in a concerted effort to achieve the best possible outcome in cases such as:

Drug Charges: Many drug charges in Georgia come with harsh penalties. Depending on the severity, you could be looking at long jail time, expensive fines, and even counseling or rehabilitation. Defending against drug crimes require a thorough knowledge of state statues, police procedure, and case law. With a defense lawyer like Tom Barton, you’ll find the expertise you need to get a fighting chance at success.

Domestic Violence Accusations: Building an effective defense against domestic violence charges demands professional counsel with a proven case record. The ramifications of such a conviction can be nothing short of life-changing. Take action now. Schedule your free consultation with attorney Tom Barton.

Other Criminal Charges: No matter what crime you may be facing, you need someone who understands the legal system well. Atlanta-area criminal defense attorney Tom Barton has worked with more than 4,000 clients and a wide array of charges. Understanding what you’re up against is a must, and Tom Barton has the expertise to make certain you’re well represented.

Airport Guns and Weapons Violations: When a weapon is found by airport security personnel, the discovery of that weapon begins a complicated legal procedure that is neither quick nor pleasant. Thomas S. Barton has represented many individuals with spotless records who have accidentally brought weapons through airport screening. We have the legal skills and experience to help you if you are charged with an airport-related gun or weapons violation.

Thousands of Clients, Two Decades of Experience
Don’t lose everything you’ve worked for. Attorney Barton is ready to fight for your rights, no matter what the charges. He has the experience and resources to create an aggressive defense that protects your rights. With an office in Stockbridge, Tom Barton has been helping others with their legal matters in Henry County, Butts County, Clayton County, Spalding County, Fayette County, Rockdale County and the surrounding areas. Contact Tom Barton Law today to schedule a consultation session.

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After a deep investigation into the charges against you as well as decades of experience in courtrooms across all the counties surrounding his office, Tom Barton will be ready to evaluate your case. He understands the complexities of the system and is ready to use his extensive trial experience to pursue the best possible result. Resources and passion define Tom’s practice, and he’s ready to help you pursue justice and protect your rights now.
Attorney Tom Barton, based in Stockbridge, Georgia, has been helping clients in all local counties for over twenty years.

He has successfully represented citizens involved in criminal cases, those who wish to file uncontested divorces, and those involved in personal injury and workers comp cases, and more.

In this age of information overload, many people think a search engine may save their case and money at the same time. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Instead, you need the service and support of an experienced attorney like Tom Barton to ensure a better outcome, no matter what the legal proceeding. Tom’s practice areas include:

Criminal Defense
Drug Possession
Drug Trafficking
Domestic Violence Cases
Uncontested Divorces
Personal Injury Cases
Workers Comp Cases
Practice Areas
 Legal Services  Divorce  Negligence
 Abuse (Child, Domestic, Sexual)  Eminent Domain/Condemnation  Parents (Elder Law, Medicare, SSI)
 Agencies & Administration  Employment Law  Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks
 Auto (Speeding, Traffic)  Entertainment & Media  Pay and Benefits
 Auto (Accidents, Insurance)  Environmental Law/Zoning  Personal Injury
 Banking (Business, Mortgage)  Family Law  Probate & Contested Wills
 Bankruptcy  Financing & Taxes  Product Liability
 Business Law  Health Care & Insurance  Real Estate/Property
 Children (Custody, Support)  Injuries & Accidents  Social Security
 Class Actions (Drugs, Products)  Insurance  Taxes
 Commercial Law and Contracts  Investments (Securities, IPOs)  Transportation
 Commercial Real Estate  Juveniles  Unions
 Commerical Litigation  Landlord/Tenant  Immigration, Visas, Citizenship, Deportation
 Construction (Accidents, Disputes)  Medical Malpractice  White Collar Crime
 Contract Disputes  Malpractice - Professional  Workers' Compensation
 Credit (Collections, Rights)  Mediation  Wrongful Death
 Criminal Law  Motor Vehicle Accidents  Wrongful Termination
Tom graduated from Valdosta State University in 1987 and attended law school at Mercer University.
He was admitted to the bar in 1991, and he’s currently a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Henry County Bar Association, and the National College of DUI Defense.
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