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Timothy Doman

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Michigan Criminal Appeals
Grabel & Associates
Grabel & Associates handles criminal appeals cases throughout the state of Michigan. We also handle all types of criminal cases as well as driver's license restoration. Timothy Doman has experience working at Michigan Court of Appeals as a Pre-Hearing Attorney and has been an incredibe asset to the Grabel & Associates appeals team.

As soon as you are convicted of a crime in Michigan, contact Grabel & Associates and let us explain your appeal options. Our talented team of attorneys has been employing effective argumentation and persuasion in state and federal appellate courts for over a decade. If you have suffered from an unjust court result, or have accepted an unfair plea deal, contact us immediately and continue fighting for the best criminal defense result.

We are unrivaled in our effective investigation of the details surrounding your case and can help you to overturn a poor initial result. We will identify any mistakes made in your initial court proceedings and uncover new information that will make a pivotal difference in your appeal. We know how to effectively fight in the Michigan Court of Appeals, and our criminal defense skill has been fine-tuned in thousands of past cases.

Michigan Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Appeal Attorney
Grabel & Associates provides clients with a distinct advantage in Michigan criminal cases. Your lawyer can efficiently guide you through the appellate process and ensure you make the most of your right to appeal a decision. We have experience dealing with criminal appeals for a variety of charges, including:

Drug Crimes
DUI/ Drunk Driving
Sex Crimes
Theft and Property Crime
Assault and Violent Crime
Sentencing Appeals
Michigan Parole and Probation Revocation
Bar Admissions
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