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The Law Firm of Richard Weaver & Associates has provided excellent bankruptcy protection for many families and individuals who are looking for a new fresh lease on their financial life. Our la office can reorganize your debt or erase your financial debts in bankruptcy via the legal protection of federal bankruptcy law.

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A Clean, Fresh Financial Start through Texas Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a section of the bankruptcy code which allows people in Dallas, TX and the entire DFW metroplex to discharge debts which are unsecured. This includes credit card balances, medical debt, and other types of debts. Any assets which are non-exempt include only very specific types of luxury items, vacation homes, as examples.) One of the main reasons people consider filing without an attorney is that they’re afraid of the cost. But that can ironically be precisely the reason to file bankruptcy with a bankruptcy lawyer in Dallas, because if you file incorrectly, it can end up costing you dearly through having to re-file, making mistakes in the exempt asset category, and more. As long as they are not assets like those, they need not be liquidated for paying debts. Eligible debt balances which are not paid by asset liquidation will be discharged through bankruptcy or forgiven.
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