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Our lawyers joined together based on a shared belief in an entrepreneurial law firm. Some left large law firms and some came from in-house general counsel backgrounds. Everyone provides clients with the high level of legal expertise they expect and the level of personal commitment they deserve.

We work on sophisticated and complex matters. Technology enables us to work effectively and efficiently together and with you. We know that highly experienced lawyers, with the right tools, provide the highest level of expertise and care without extravagant overhead.

The result was our mission - Boutique Big Law.

What do we do? We focus on representing businesses, business-owners, investment funds and non-profits on the legal issues that relate to the formation, operation, growth and sale of their businesses.

If you are starting up a business, fund or non-profit, hiring or firing employees, negotiating contracts, raising capital to make it grow, building a plant, buying other companies, selling your company or need to set up your estate to take care of the next generation, we are here for you and we want to help.

We average over 20 years of experience per attorney, so we have seen and done most things. We use our experience to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. We also leverage the same technologies used by larger law firms to prepare documents and research the law. When needed, we partner with other high quality law firms, either in specific practice areas (even equine law if needed) or locations to get you the results you need. We answer our own phones and respond to our own emails. We add paper to the printer. We do what it takes to serve you.

At Avisen Legal, we take pride and joy in seeing our clients succeed. We also take pride and joy in helping each other succeed. We believe this makes us better lawyers and that means better results for you.
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