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At Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. of Omaha Nebraska we offer over four decades of aggressive trial experience in representing all of our clients' needs. We understand that, in matters of family law, so much is at stake and verdicts can ultimately shape the future for all involved. You can’t trust your family's future to law firms with less experienced lawyers who may or may not have the experience necessary to assist your family in times of crisis. Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. of Omaha Nebraska will be there when you need divorce lawyers who will leave no stone unturned in securing your financial future. Simply put, you will not find a better family law attorney anywhere in the Omaha, NE area than those found at Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. of Omaha Nebraska

If you are in need of a business lawyer to assist in corporation formation, employment law, worker's compensation, or any business contractual matter, the attorneys at Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. of Omaha Nebraska will vigorously represent your interests in securing the scenario you desire. We know that, to secure your protection, you must have contracts that are iron clad and defensible. Even in complex matters that require the skill of an advanced worker's comp attorney, our 40 years of courtroom experience will allow us to adequately represent your interests for a secure and favorable legal future.
We at Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. of Omaha Nebraska will use our four decades of legal, contractual, and trial experience to defend your interests and get you the settlement you deserve.

Family and Divorce Law
Pursue the best possible solution for your family during a divorce
Enlist legal assistance for all stages of divorce with Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. of Omaha Nebraska. Our legal team will approach your divorce with the sensitivity and care it requires while protecting you in the courtroom with aggressive representation. From the decision to file through the enforcement of divorce orders in Nebraska and Iowa ( areas of practice), you can look forward to supportive and efficient aid every step of the way.
Division of assets
Debt division
Child custody and visitation
Spousal support (alimony)
NebraskaTax liability
Changes in family court orders
(Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. of Omaha Nebraska) We also provide protection during periods of legal separation.

Real Estate Law
Representation is available for all entities in any phase of transactions
Enlist assistance for the duration of your real estate transaction with skillful representation that is available for all parties.
Commercial and residential landlords
Commercial and residential tenants
Commercial and residential buyers
Commercial and residential sellers
Lenders and borrowers in real-estate related financial transactions

Business Law
Thorough and detail-conscious business start-up services
Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. of Omaha Nebraska can provide legal counsel to entrepreneurs who are embarking on the creation of a new business. Receive assistance with the planning process from an experienced legal team, including strategizing and the drafting of operations agreements.
C-corporation and S-corporation foundation
Joint ventures
Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation
Stock and asset purchases
Partnership formation (including LLP)
Entity selection
Shareholder agreements
Corporate jurisdiction

Protect your right to worker's compensation benefits
Your employer is required to carry worker's compensation insurance to guard against potential injuries or illnesses suffered by employees at work. As such, if you have suffered from a workplace injury that resulted from an accident at work or conditions that can cause disability or illness, you may be entitled to a variety of benefits. These benefits may include:
Wage replacement
Surgical expenses
Medical treatment
Death benefits and burial expenses
Gnuse & Green Law Offices, P.C. has over 40 years of experience in representing Divorce, family law, real estate, estate planning, business and workers compensation cases in Omaha NE. Contact us for accurate legal advice and aggressive courtroom representation.
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