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Jack Swerling has helped thousands of clients who have been charged with a crime and needed legal representation throughout Columbia SC. Call us today. Jack B. Swerling, Attorney at Law, is devoted to representing people charged with crimes in state and federal courts. From his office in Columbia, Mr. Swerling defends clients from all walks of life throughout South Carolina. In his more than 40 years of legal practice, he has handled thousands of cases from drug trafficking, theft, robbery, weapons charges, murder and other violent crimes to white collar crimes including blackmail, bribery, public corruption, forgery, perjury, computer crime, extortion, money laundering and various types of fraud. He represents clients in state and federal criminal investigations and grand jury proceedings.
 Juris Doctor (J.D.)
Jack B. Swerling is an active Columbia criminal attorney, litigator, writer, and lecturer. He focuses his legal practice on criminal cases in state and federal courts and a select group of civil cases. Mr. Swerling has been a member of the South Carolina Bar and licensed to practice by the Supreme Court of South Carolina since 1973.

In recognition of his work, he has been honored by election to several prestigious organizations that only invite attorneys into their ranks who have been subjected to a rigorous investigation of the lawyer’s experience, demonstrated skill, and character.
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