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Smoking in the Boys' Room - the hardest habit to break.

Many people smoke. Many people try to quit smoking. Many people can't stop smoking because it is so addicting. Many people die as a result.

We all know that smokers have been tricked for years and lured into this deadly "habit." R.J. Reynolds wants the Supreme Court to relieve them of some lower court decisions and verdicts against them.

However, the only remedy for the Tobacco industry was the last resort to go to the Supremes.

Recently, R.J. Reynolds lost that request by losing their only chance to fight a smoker’s verdict in the highest court in the land. Facing a $28.3 million wrongful death verdict against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., they asked the Supreme Court to review the case, but the Court declined to consider legal questions at this time.

The impact of this denial? It will now affect thousands of similar cases by smokers and their families.

Will the Tobacco Company just start settling these left and right? Only time will tell.