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Michelle Smith, JD
Going to court is stressful, especially when family matters are concerned. Every decision you make can seem impossibly difficult. There are immediate problems to solve and long-term consequences to each course of action. At every turn, there are new things to consider. It is critical to work with an attorney you can talk to and trust . Michelle Smith will take the
Law Firm
Oklahoma City, OK 73159
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Stephen Harry, J.D.
Stephen A Harry, P.C.
I help families and individual get out of debt and help them get a fresh start. I help in filing Chapter7 or Chapter 13 petitions. I can stop garnishments, foreclosures and law suits through the Bankruptcy Court. Prior to my law practice, I worked for 30 years in a family-owned mortgage company. My experience in real estate lending and credit review has helped
Law Firm
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Lowrey George
Civil Litigation; Oil and Gas Leasing; Oil and Gas Operations; Oil and Gas Operating Agreements; Oil and Gas Surface Damage Claims; Natural Gas Contracts; Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines; Oil and Gas Pipeline Manufacturing; Environmental Law and Pollution; Contracts and Commercial Law (UCC); Corporations; Shareholder Derivative Actions; Securities (Plaintiffs); Employme
Law Firm
Oklahoma City, OK 731024023
Mack K. Martin
Mack K. Martin
Martin Law Office
For over thirty years, this firm has specialized in criminal defense with emphasis on grand jury, trial and appellate practice. The firm practices throughout the State of Oklahoma in State and Federal Court matters. The firm also practices in numerous other States, both in State and Federal Courts. These have included California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska
Law Firm
Oklahoma City, OK 73102