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Fighting DUI Charges for CDL Holders

Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Posted: Thu. Jul 20
Commercial Driver’s License holders in Pennsylvania are held to very high standards and rules under the law. Truck drivers and school bus drivers are both strictly regulated under the PA Vehicle Code, and truck drivers are also federally regulated. Commercial truck drivers know how involved the rules and regulations are in their profession, and they work hard to operate within these rules in addition to their demanding workloads each day.

When a CDL driver gets charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, he is facing the toughest challenge of his career. One conviction is all it takes to ruin a history of excellent performance. That is why a CDL holder needs to take any DUI charge extremely seriously, and must be ready to fight all charges to the fullest extent possible.

If you were off-duty and in your personal vehicle when you were charged, as a CDL holder, you will still face the strict penalties and enforcement of those penalties if you are convicted. Whether your DUI happened on or off-duty, know that there are many proven defenses available to fight against a CDL DUI charge.

A Caution about ARD for CDL Drivers
Many CDL holders have unfortunately received bad advice about how best to deal with their DUI charges in PA. The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, or ARD, program is a pre-trial probation agreement that is often available to first-time DUI offenders in the Commonwealth. Successful completion of an ARD results in no conviction.

**However, the ARD program will not work to save your CDL privileges because the DUI-ARD is still considered a violation for purposes of CDL qualification in the Commonwealth.**

The only way to protect your career as a commercial driver is to fight your charge/s in court to a finding of not-guilty, or have the charges dropped altogether. At Tibbott & Richardson, we know how crucial your CDL is to your future. We know all the related laws and are specifically trained to defend against DUI charges in Allegheny County, Indiana County, and Cambria County. We have extensive litigation experience in each aspect of a driving under the influence case, and are prepared to fight like your life depends on it; because we understand that it does.

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