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Theft Charges in PA

Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Posted: Thu. Jul 20
When you or a loved one is facing theft charges in Pennsylvania, you are in immediate need of an experienced local criminal attorney who is highly qualified in defending theft charges. Pennsylvania takes all forms of theft very seriously, and many local prosecutors will pursue these crimes with the fullest range of charges possible. People think that because the amount of the theft is small, and/or because it is a “first offense,” they are in relatively minor trouble and can handle all consequences by themselves.

This is a mistake, and too often turns out to be a huge one. Your future employment and career options are at risk if you are convicted, even once, for a theft offense. It is also possible that your capabilities to secure housing, credit and insurance will be affected if a civil complaint is filed and a judgement against you is awarded to the plaintiff in your case.

You have options. We have answers. If you or a loved one is facing theft charges in PA, call our criminal defense attorneys now for a free initial consultation.

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