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Power of Attorney Lawyer in Worcester

Location: Worcester, MA 01609
Posted: Tue. Oct 10
It is difficult to imagine being incapacitated and unable to manage your affairs. For this reason, many people put off estate planning and appointing a power of attorney. But if something does happen to you and you don’t have a power of attorney, your wishes may not be upheld. You could subject your family to preventable lawsuits and conflict. If you want to appoint a power of attorney who can help with the probate court, financial affairs, and principal decisions, call the Law Office of Polly Tatum at (774) 366-3688 for your legal needs. We offer consultations.

What is Power of Attorney?
The term “power of attorney” can create confusion. In this use of the word “attorney,” it simply means someone that you’ve designated to act on your behalf. The person you choose for this role can be anyone that you trust, often a relative or a close friend.

A power of attorney is someone that you designate to make decisions on your behalf. You specify ahead of time when a power of attorney can make decisions for you and what type of decisions they can make. Often, a power of attorney steps in:

•If you are unable to make decisions for yourself after a medical emergency, such as an illness, injury, or accident;
•When you cannot be contacted or are unreachable, i.e., traveling overseas or serving in the military; or
•For any period or circumstance that you specify beforehand.

You should put some thought into choosing your power of attorney. You want someone who will follow your wishes and understands what you want. You also want someone who can cope with stressful situations and won’t bow down to pressure from others.

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