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Posted: Mon. Jul 24
Medi-Cal Asset Protection: What It Is & Why You Need It
Elder law is rarely straightforward, especially when it comes to Medi-Cal asset protection. Such protection ensures that you, your spouse and your family are not left with exorbitant bills or loss of assets due to the cost of long-term care

A Medi-Cal Asset Protection Irrevocable Trust can be a useful tool in avoiding this outcome. Below you will find important information regarding what Medi-Cal is, who needs a Medi-Cal Asset Protection plan, and more.

What Is Medi-Cal Asset Protection?

Medi-Cal Asset Protection involves rearranging and restructuring your assets in a way that positions you to be able to qualify for Medi-Cal long term care. It does not require you to give everything away (which is the perception that many people have). Indeed giving everything away can be counterproductive. There are laws in place that penalize attempts to give away property purely for the purposes of qualifying for Medi-Cal. Any techniques adopted should therefore be discussed with your attorney.

Ideally the planning would take place in advance of an event that requires long term care. However, it is still possible to take action if long term care needs are immediate or imminent.

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