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Have You Been Arrested? Avoid Jail and Call Now!!
Guarding Reputations, Restoring Lives and Protecting Freedom
Law Office Of Kevin Bessant & Associates
Guarding Reputations, Restoring Lives and Protecting Freedom! Do not risk your reputation, life or freedom! Whether you have already been arrested, a targeted suspect in a police investigation, or facing a criminal warrant, remember to say NOTHING to the police and call Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Bessant IMMEDIATELY! The first step after a
Law Firm
Detroit, MI 48226
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30 Years Experience in Pensions and Employee Benefits
Lawrence Breskin
30 years of experience specializing in pensions, employee benefits, and employment discrimination. Experience before the US District Court, US Court of Appeals, Michigan District Court, Michigan Circuit Court, Michigan Court of Appeals, Unemployment Compensation Commission, State Employees Retirement Commission, Federal Wage & Hour Commission, and Equal Employment Op
Law Firm
Detroit, MI 48226
Akbar Rasul, J.D.
Provide legal services in probate law regarding wills, trusts, and death probate estates; representing personal representatives, heirs, and interested parties, guardians, conservators,etc. representing parents and/or children in Child Protection Proceedings and deliquents in Delinquency Proceedings. Doing Name Changes, Power of Attorney (financial) Agreements, Patient
Law Firm
Detroit, MI 48202