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Reducing Conflict in Divorce
Innovative Approaches - Reasonable Solutions
Seattle Divorce Services
We believe in reducing conflict rather than escalating it. When possible we use a variety of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) techniques including Mediation, Collaboration, and Arbitration. ADR allows parties to resolve even complex and difficult divorces outside of court. These processes are much better for managing conflict than the trial by fire of a cour
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98107
Seattle Immigration Attorney
Brandon Gillin
Brandon Gillin, an attorney at Genesis Law Firm, PLLC, practices from the firm’s office in Seattle, Washington. Brandon's practice focuses on immigration and naturalization matters, including EB-5 investment visas, employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, citizenship, and removal defense. Brandon received his Law Degree from Vermont Law School, an
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98133
Legal Services for the Life of Your Business
Kyle Hulten, J.D.
Invigor Law Group PLLC
We’re ambitious, energetic business lawyers who are driven to serve you and your business. We’re entrepreneurs who want to invigorate the practice of law with innovative products and services and make it easier for other entrepreneurs to do what they do best. At inVigor Law Group we’re focused on adding value to Seattle’s business community through our pragmatic, cost
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98103
Handling All IRS and Washington State Tax Matters.
Call for a Free Consultation
Insight Law - Tax Attorney
Insight Law is a local tax law firm with 4 offices in the greater Seattle area. We handle all tax matters, including those related to Income, Employment, Property, B&O, and Estate and Gift taxes. We pride ourselves on providing the best service, value, and knowing our areas of law inside and out. Whether you have a tax problem or need estate planning or small busin
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98104
Seattle Bankruptcy Lawyers
Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney
Symmes Law Group, PLLC
Symmes Law Group, PLLC is a Seattle law firm providing counsel in the areas of Consumer Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Business and Intellectual Property (Trademark and Copyright) law. Symmes Law Group offers a compassionate and dedicated Seattle bankruptcy lawyer in the areas of chapter 7 & chapter 13 bankruptcy as well as a Seattle business lawyer dedicated to providi
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98154
Lease Negotiations - Fixed Fee - Franchisees Welcome
Retail, Food-Service, Health & Wellness
Leasing Strategies PLLC
PREFERRED PROVIDER of Lease Negotiation services to FRANCHISEES of many national franchisors Always for a very attractive FIXED FEE As a partner at a major Seattle-based full-service law firm, first as a real estate litigator and then as a lease negotiator, and then as a founder of Opus Law Group, a Seattle law firm that negotiates leases for national and local
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98199
Aaron Pelley
Pelley Law, PLLC
The Washington court system can be overwhelming and even intimidating. If you face the possibility of being accused of a crime, contact an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer as early in the process as possible, preferably even before questioning or investigation. As your attorney, we will fight for your legal and constitutional rights. We defend those acc
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98104
Seattle Real Estate, Business, Probate & Family Attorneys
Thomas l. Dickson
Real Estate, Business, Probate & Family Law
Dickson Law Group is located in Seattle, WA and is a medium-sized law firm with several attorneys and a very knowledgeable staff of legal assistants. Our attorneys have over 40 years combined experience helping clients with real estate, business, family law, construction law, probate and more. We have Experience serving clients in Pierce County including: Auburn, B
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98104
Family Law and Immigration Attorney
Law Office Of Dave Hawkins
My practice is a general practice with a focus on family law, immigration and appellate work in Seattle, Washington. I have a working knowledge of Russian and German, which facilitates my work with members of the Russian community in the areas of family law and immigration. For the past 19 years, I have concentrated on family law and immigration. In the family law
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98125
Marc Stern
We take both simple and complex cases. Most cases, when looked at carefully, have more problems and issues than are apparent. Our approach is to identify and solve the problem. Many times this means not filing a bankruptcy or doing something different. It is important to know the consequences before filing anything.
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98117
A Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney
Kirk Davis, Attorney
Law Office Of Kirk C. Davis, PLLC
A boutique practice focused on high quality legal representation for criminal defense and personal injury matters. In addition to auto accidents, Kirk places a special emphasis on representing victims in personal injury matters. He has successfully represented victims of sexual and physical assault.
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98154
Jo-Hanna Read
Law Office Of Jo-Hanna Read
I have been practicing law in Seattle since 1976. I represent adult and child survivors of sexual, emotional, and/or physical abuse. I have successfully tried and settled many claims on behalf of childhood sexual abuse survivors and victims of domestic violence. I also represent people hurt by harmful actions of therapists, teachers, counselors, pastors and other auth
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98121
Khan Law Firm PLLC
Personal Injury Lawyer
Our Seattle accident lawyers believes that no individual should have to pay for the damage caused by another's negligence or reckless behavior. We strive to restore justice and do whatever it takes to help our clients recover just compensation. Whether your accident involved a drunk driver, a faulty product, an uninsured motorist, or another factor that did not put yo
Law Firm
Seattle, WA 98118